17 May 2012


I think i need help, i got way too much bottled up feelings that will nvr ever go on fb or twitter and i fear i might explode anytime soon.

07 May 2012


After being like 25 years on this planet, I don't even know why I could figure things only now, espcially with the  concept of friendships.

My observation of it goes like this:

Stage 1 - This is where usually people get to know each other and become friends. Starts with talking bout stuff and then develops to other outside stuff.

Stage 2 - Common interests/common factor

Stage 3 - Best friends/brotherhoods/sisterhoods/whatever u call it.

Unfortunately, for me, the third stage is where i have trouble getting to. Sometimes i just don't get why some group of people hang out for a year and become like best buddies and I hang out with the same people for the same period of time yet I don't feel that aura of buddies. Of course for me, that also stems from problems of getting into Stage 2. The most common thing UBD-ians are interested in are mostly football, something I don't have skills nor interest in. Guess this will be problem for me in the next few years then.....

Truthfully, sometimes i envy ppl with such friendships. Maybe it is something i desired for a long time after that mental damage i took from that depression a long time ago

04 January 2012

First post of 2012

Well, l2012 has been already here for days (happy belated new years all hahaha), really didn't nothing much. Gotta really start reading that Business Icons that has been sitting there for quite a while unread.

New semester's gonna start next week, can't wait for it since I been resting for too long (despite stress is gonna be around fast). New start for me since its different modules I'm taking. Just hope I can do well in socializing since networking is not my best ability there forming bonds are just as equally difficult( probably because i'm in different classes with different classmates at all times)

Sometimes I don't wanna be judging ppl but sometimes the way they behave (such as being loud n oblivious to surroundings) really can get to your nerves and start judging them, especially when they come in groups.

Just realized I sometimes don't write much down here. That's most probably I just say what I feel here and never thought bout discussing stuff in greater detail

-Hanster's out-

18 December 2011

On a break (the holiday kind)

And so its already halfway into my semester break (starting to get boring, but its ok, its not like we get a one month break so freely every now and then while in UBD).

After seeing my exam results a few days ago, i gotta say, its not too bad for my first one although that one expected "D" grade messed a little with my GPA grading (guess i won't be doing a 2nd major then hehehe) but overall i'm glad I passed the compulsory modules(only one more of that left to go) and I loved the "B" grades I got since i nvr actually got close to that grade since a long time ago.

Well I guess I will be busy trying to register my modules next semester, an annoying process once per semester since we got like literally hundreds of students trying to use the system at same time. Maybe the server is too small for that many number of students?

Trying to catch up with some of the series im watching like American Horror Story and True Blood since i watch too much anime hahaha. I think I'm just downloading too much and too little time spent on watching them.

-Hanster's out-

14 November 2011

A (very,very) long overdue update

Just look at the last post before this... October 2009, wheww more than 2 years ago. Gotten lazier to blog during those 2 years due lots of things coming up....but more towards the lazy part since i still lots of things coming up as of now.

So what have i been up to?
Already having an HND, i ended up skipping my 1st year at UBD and became a 2nd year instead.

Got nominated by some frens to become part of the MPP. Cud be a gud thing though since i can apply leadership skills( if i manage to become one) since i don't intend to be a "subordinate" for the rest of my life hahaha.

Exams coming up, which is somewhat different from the experience in ITB having stricter rules on every single thing. Im just thankful in my 1st semester there isn't a night exam.

Maybe i will just update again when I got more things to say (which probably will take years hahahah)

-Hanster's out-

15 October 2009


Thanks to :

Azy for this :

Athirah, Fizah and Emily for this:

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23 August 2009

Happy bday pu3

Happy bday to u pu3, may u have a blast at it :D

-Hanster's out-